About us

Our company works at the market of food production since 2006. At present time manufacturing enterprise «PRODTECHNOLIGII» LLC and trade house «Sibtrade» LLC are the basis of the company. Enterprise has a target to restore the production of traditional Siberian food – jellied minced meat, aspics, chicken, beef and pork galantines, together with classic sauces, served to Russian table at holidays and weekdays. And it managed to do this. Since establishment company grew from small meat appetizers production plant to big enterprise, having took not only its place under the sun, but also stable product consumers. Buying jellied minced meat or aspics of «Holodushka» TM, housewives appreciate their time-saving and natural taste of the product, totally equal to homemade production. Today company product went across the Priirtish region – is became popular in many regions where we work. Together with wide distributor network, working at the territory of Russian Federation, and base in Omsk, company opened 3 self-regulating branches – in Tyumen, Novosibirsk and Moscow.


Product of the company

Basement of products «PRODTECHNOLIGII» – is meat appetizers. Jellied minced meat, aspics and galantines of different kinds of «Holodushka» TM are made from natural products – pork, beef, chicken – with supplement of classic spices, according to age-old Siberian receipts with respect of all sanitary norms. «Galantine for Russian man – is a festival, usually it was cooked for Christmas and Easter. Jellied minced meat never was a daily dish, as cook of meat galantines can take whole day, this process is pretty time-consuming», - as it is told in the company. Jellied minced meat, aspics and galantines of «PRODTECHNOLIGII» have not so long best before period, due to usage of natural product and its own developed technical conditions – not more than 20 days. Ingredients are noted at every tag. One more advantage of our products is economic and comfortable package. «Optimal kind of the package, product weight, its packing were set experimentally for years of company work – as a result of tries and mistakes we found the best variant». Esthetic transparent polystyrene package of appetizer allows to put product on the table right in the container or to put it into the plate accurately.

Jellied minced meat Russian

Made from I category beef and pork, with natural spices for creation of individual spicy flavor.

Jellied minced meat Festival

Made from beef, pork and chicken meat. Chicken makes his product uncommonly tender.

Jellied minced meat Boyarskiy

Its original receipt has pork tongue with use of beef and pork.

Jellied minced meat Hussars

Will satisfy every hot cuisine addict taste. Among ingredients of the product there are pork, beef with use of mixed spices and mustard.

Jellied minced meat Zolotoy Grebeshok

It is diet product, as its main ingredient is chicken.

On more brand-name product of «PRODTECHNOLIGII» is classic «Khrenodyor», or «Ogonyok», as it was called by our grandparents, without it no Russian feast can be held. Made from high-quality natural products – tomatoes, horse radish root, garlic and spices – «Khrenodyor» successfully supplement meat appetizers, it whets appetite and bring additional piquancy to dishes. It is made according to Old Russian receipt and do not consist chemical supplements, in comparison with wide-represented at store shelves tomato pates and ketchups.